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Let's Defeat! COVID!

Community On Various Isolated Distress (A Safe Physical and Mental Health Distress Recovery Program) Hurry! Make Your Advance Booking Now! #SupportMSME's

Pray. Eat. Play. Netflix. Sleep. Repeat. 14 Days Later, Boom! Boredom Strike!

"Yes, majority sa atin ito na ang bagong Daily Routine since the ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) started last March 15, 2020 and we don't know yet until when?"

"Not unless, you are working from home or in one of the establishments providing basic necessities. However, time will come na ma-bobored ka din, mai-istress or sasakit ang katawan kakahiga maghapon, Hahaha, nakakapagod pala magpahinga!"

"Dahil sa bagong daily routine natin, most of us hindi na natin alam ang araw or ang petsa, kung hindi araw at gabi na lang. Dahil pagka gising natin sa umaga, aantayin maghapon then, mamaya, gabi nanaman, then tulog na ulit. So, what do you think? After the lock-down has been lifted, deserved mo ba ang (2) two hours massage? Specially if there is a BIG Exclusive Discount promo just for you? If yes, let's continue reading down below."

"That is why Spasify created a Safe Physical and Mental Health Distress Recovery Massage Program once the ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) has been lifted. Eh paano yun? For sure, we need to maintain social distancing parin kahit the ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) has been lifted?"

"Spasify is a Health, Beauty and Wellness company known for performing its massage and spa services in a clinical setup and in the most safe and effective way, katulad nga ng lagi naming sinasabi sa Clients namin, your Health and Safety is our utmost priority so we always wash our hands before and after each service, sabi nga prevention is better than cure, so, yes, hindi totoo ang salitang PASMA."

"Then, prior pa sa COVID-19 pandemic, we are always performing our services guided by DOH Manual, Guidelines, Protocols, SOP's and Pre-cautionary measures in order to protect and ensure the health and safety of our clients and independent service providers."

"What more this time? So aside from performing our Periodic Trainings, Guidelines Protocols and SOP'S like wearing surgical mask, getting the Client's Blood Pressure Count, taking Client Intake Form, performing ROMA (Range of Motion Assessment) and SPA (Sensory Pain Assessment) gagamit na rin kami ng Face Shields and Surgical Gloves as our own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)"

"So, clear na? BTW, to take advantage of an All Day Access for the BIG Exclusive Discounts, you can purchase Spasify VIP Membership now online, then, avail Massage Services on discounted rate anytime once the lock-down has been lifted. But, syempre hindi dapat makadagdag sa stress ang presyo, that is why we have created this exclusive promo just for you! Scroll down mo para malaman mo ito." #SupportMSME's #Spasify #MassageAndSpa #WeHealAsOne #Number1MassageAndSpa #HealPhilippines #COVID-19 #CoronaVirus #EnhancedCommunityQuarantine

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2F, Lot 17, Greenwoods Park, Rizal Highway, SBFZ, PH, 2222
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Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Massage

✔️ Reduced Muscle Tension.

✔️ Reduction of Stress Hormones

✔️ Improved Blood Circulation

✔️ Increased Joint Flexibility

✔️ Stimulation of Lymphatic System

✔️ Improved Skin Tone

✔️ Improved Soft Tissue Recovery

✔️ Overall Relaxation

✔️ Reduced Anxiety & Depression.

✔️ Heightened Mental Alertness


Massage As An Alternative Treatment For Some Disorders

✔️ Sub-acute Low Back Pain

✔️ Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

✔️ Anxiety and Depression

✔️ Stress and Insomnia

✔️ High Blood Pressure

✔️ Chronic Diseases

✔️ Soft Tissue Injuries

✔️ Reduces Anxiety & Depression.


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Our Client's Review

Mergie T.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
"Booked my parents and aunties for Premium Massage and Shiatsu, footspa and Ventosa. All were equally satisfied and relaxed, even fell asleep during the massage. :) Recommended for those looking for a good place to unwind, and experience good service and massage. Attendants were friendly and accommodating (Shout-out to Spasify Central Reservations Department) for arranging the booking. From here in Dubai to Subic Bay, 5 stars guys. Good job." Verify on Tripadvisor


 Arnell B.
Western Cape, South Africa
After a few emails and reservation confirmation I arrived to a tranquil & peaceful environment. I'm uncertain if at the time I was the only guest however the place was quiet. It smelt good. I had booked a 90 minutes Swedish massage. A short questionnaire followed by a quick foot wash however I would have preferred warm water irrespective of the hot weather. RUBY (My Therapist) started with basic breathing exercises which i enjoyed and of the hundreds of spas I have visited she is the first to commence with breathing exercises. Initially I did not "feel" her hands but as we both warmed, she found some spots & muscles I did not know existed. As an above the knee amputee Ruby requested what i liked done which I appreciated. What was also good was throughout, Ruby spoke only when spoken to which was AWESOME as some therapist just continue chatting as if we friend. The calming background music was pleasant. Even the water served was in a proper wine-like glass which added a classy touch. Throughout my experience I heard no noises or other clients which added to my pleasant experience. I'm certain to return. Verify on Tripadvisor


Arriane W.
Chicago, United States
"Let me start by saying that I give this spa a 5 star!! Yes a 5 star. If I can give 10 trust me.. I would. Anyways, let me start to tell you my story when I went to this spa. People are very accommodating. Place are neat and the ambiance is relaxing. I am lucky to meet the owner. He is very down to earth person. Soft spoken and very friendly. He made sure that we will be pleased! I am glad my friend recommend me this spa. I've been on alot of different spa but this one really caught my heart and my husband. Too sad that they don't have a branch in US. But take note I went to this spa for 2-3x a week! Very affordable. We stayed in Philippines for 3 months and I never visit any spa since I tried this. The massages are sooo good! Very professional workers!!! I recommend this spa." Verify on Tripadvisor

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2F, Lot 17, Greenwoods Park, Rizal Highway, SBFZ, PH, 2222
Call Us: +639053221572 (Globe)

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