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PLDT “Track Day Event 2018” together with Spasify: Massage and Spa On-Demand in Subic Bay, Philippines

Today, PLDT Enterprise celebrates its annual “Track Day Event” to give thanks for their top 100 clients in one of the Philippines tourist destinations, Subic Bay. It’s a perfect getaway spot after a busy week of workload in the metro, the tourist destination is well known for its hotels, resorts, restaurants, and beaches.

The destination also offers a wide variety of water sports activities to help you beat the heat this summer, it’s up to you whether you choose to participate activities in or by the bay. The said PLDT “Track Day Event” is in Grande Island, participants can choose from a wide variety of sports activities like Jetski, Banana Boat, Parasail Rides, Bay Cruising, and Pedal boats while soaking up the sun.

After an exciting day of water sports activities, another way to unwind while refreshing with the calming breeze by the bay is to enjoy a relaxing massage from Spasify: Health and Wellness On-Demand, a homegrown tech company in Subic Bay. Spasify offers both On-Site and On-Demand massage and spa service in specific key locations such as Home, Hotel, Office, Beach, Park, Mall, Restaurant, Coffee Shop and any other similar places in Subic Bay.

Having an appointment can be done easily by calling Spasify Hotline or by simply visiting their WebApp then click the "Book Now" button. No Installation Required, No In-App Push Notifications, Hassle Free Service. Book and Pay using your Credit, Debit Card or PayPal Account, Spasify is available where and when you need it.

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