Health, Beauty, Wellness, Travel & Leisure

Spasify Franchising (On-Demand)

Spasify Franchise Package:

Franchise Type:         Health & Wellness (On-Demand)
Franchise Fee:           P1,000,000
Geo-Fence:                TBD (Virtual Geo-Fence Boundaries or Territory)
Min. Floor Area:        20 SQM
Franchise Terms:      2 Years (Renewable)


Why Franchise Spasify?

  • Equitable start up and maintenance cost in comparison to other business industries in the market today.
  • Unleash adaptive and resilient multi-service business model to leverage your finances and investment returns.
  • Secure your future by exploring and unlocking the $4.2 trillion health, beauty and wellness business industry fortune.
  • Take the leap and kick start your success by eliminating years of doing your own business trials and errors.
  • Experience automated business process all at your fingertips to gain more financial and time freedom.

Package Inclusions:

  • Business Orientation for Franchisee
  • Customer Support & Assistance
  • Initial Human Resource & Recruitment Assistance
  • Fortune 500 Grade Marketing and Advertising Support
  • Industry Grade Information Technology Support & Development
  • Comprehensive Spasify (On-Demand) Operations Manual
  • Continuous Research & Development (Products & Services)
  • Strong Franchisor Support & Site Selection Assistance
  • Comprehensive Training for the Pioneer Batch of Franchisee’s (ISP)
  • Business Development, Strategies, and Trade Secrets
  • License to use Spasify Brand Name, Trademark, and Logo
  • Dedicated Offline Forms (Job Order Log Sheet, Client Intake Form, DTR, Job Application Form & Contract)
  • Dedicated Online Central Management Dashboard (Operations, Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Policies and Programs, Knowledge Base, Directory & Support)


  • Free Initial On-Demand Mktg. Collaterals (Cards, Menus, Posters, & Tarps)
  • Free Initial Digital Mktg. Collaterals (Email, Social Media Accounts & Web Page)
Additional Investment:
    • Registrations, Rental Fee, Repairs and Improvements
    • Lighted Build-Up Signages (Indoor & Outdoor)
    • Furniture’s, Fixtures and Spa Paraphernalia’s
    • Spa Products, Consumables and Supplies
    On-Going Fees:
    • 5% Monthly Royalty Fee (Marketing Share)
    • Monthly Operating Expenses (Rental, Utilities, Payouts, Consumables & Technologies)

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