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Spasify On-Site Travel Partner (FAQs)

Effective Date: November 30, 2018

What is Spasify Travel?

Spasify Travel WebApp is an “ONLINE TRAVEL MARKETPLACE” designed to help tourist find the lowest, cheapest and the best travel deals listed on Spasify Travel WebApp based on their requested location. And, for Hotels, Resorts, Tours and other types of Accommodations to expand market reach, boost and improve their revenue stream by simply becoming Spasify On-Site Travel Partner.

How Spasify Travel Works?


Once, the Guest made a booking, Spasify Travel automatically receive a Pre-Booking Order (PBO) email notification from the Guest on a “WAITING” booking status, containing details about the Guest’s desired On-Site Travel Partner, “DATE” and “ROOM”.


Afterwards, Spasify Travel will then call first the On-Site Travel Partner if, the desired “DATE” and “ROOM is “AVAILABLE” based on the Guest’s Pre-Booking Order (PBO) details.


Once confirmed, the On-Site Travel Partner needs to block it for thirty “(30) MINUTES”, this will allow Spasify Travel to collect and confirm successful payment receipt from the Guest and, for the On-Site Travel Partner to “RE-SELL THE ROOM” in case the Guest abandoned the booking after the given time.


Spasify Travel will then simply change the Guest booking status from “WAITING” to “AWAITING PAYMENT” and, an email notification for the Guest will be sent automatically with the attached payment link in order to proceed for payment check-out.


Upon Spasify Travel Payment Confirmation, the Guest and the On-Site Travel Partner will receive another email notification from Spasify Travel, stating that the booking is now paid and confirmed.


When, the Guest desired “DATE” and “ROOM” for a specific On-Site Travel Partner is “UNAVAILABLE”, other “AVAILABLE” “DATES” and “ROOMS” from the same or other On-Site Travel Partner will be offered by Spasify Travel to the Guest via phone call.

What is Spasify Travel’s Payout Process?

Spasify Travel shall collect one hundred percent (100%) full payment or fifty percent (50%) down-payment based from the On-Site Travel Partner current published rate plus Booking Fee to the Guest who made a room reservation on a specific date with the On-Site Travel Partner as listed and published in the Spasify Travel Booking Engine and as discussed in our Reservation and Cancellation Policy.

Spasify Travel (Representative) shall pay the On-Site Travel Partner all accumulated and successful “PAID BOOKING” transactions made by the Guests to Spasify Travel WebApp Booking Engine on a weekly basis from SUNDAY to SATURDAY and, shall be automatically transferred to the On-Site Travel Partner and credited to their nominated Bank Account and/or dedicated G-CASH MasterCard the following week, deducted the “10% Spasify Travel’s GROSS SALES COMMISSION, BOOKING FEES, BANK and/or CARD CHARGES” accompanied by the On-Site Travel Partner OFFICIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT RECEIPT.

Upon Guest request the On-Site Travel Partner shall issue their OFFICIAL RECEIPT based on the GROSS SALES including Spasify Travel 10% Commission, deducted Booking Fee if any.

Spasify Travel Gross Sales Commission and the On-Site Travel Partner Net Sales Payout may vary depending on the On-Site Travel Partner current published regular or promotional rates.

What is Spasify Travel’s Reservation, Cancellation and Refund Policy?


For our valued Guests who made a same day, advance and/or bulk reservation to any of our On-Site Travel Partner (Property or Service) via Spasify Travel WebApp, our Booking Engine will automatically send the Guest an email on a “Waiting/Pending” booking status containing the Guest desired reservation details.

Spasify Travel’s Reservation Specialist will then verify it to our On-Site Travel Partner in order to ensure that the Guest reservation is available, once confirmed our On-Site Travel Partner will temporarily blocked the Guest reservation for (30) minutes.

Afterwards, our Booking Engine will then send the Guest an email on an “Awaiting Payment” booking status containing the Payment Link in order for the Guest to pay and confirm the reservation. Failure to settle the required payment in (30) minutes, temporary blocking will expire automatically and can be sold to other awaiting Guests.

Once the payment has been made, the Guest shall now be automatically bounded to the On-Site Travel Partner’s “RESERVATION, CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY” including all other Policies, especially when the Guest payment has been transferred successfully to our On-Site Travel Partner.


In the event that the Guest wishes to cancel same day, advance and/or bulk reservation within “(30) MINUTES” after receiving the “AWAITING PAYMENT” booking status email notification, Spasify Travel and/or the On-Site Travel Partner will not charge the Guest.

However, if the Guest wishes to cancel same day, advance and/or bulk reservation after Spasify Travel received the Guest payment, the booking fee and other related charges is non-refundable. The booking fee, first night or price of the entire stay may still be charged depending on the On-Site Travel Partner policy that the Guest agreed to at the time of their reservation.

Spasify Travel in its sole discretion, reserves the right to charge and/or transfer the Guest one hundred percent (100%) full payment or fifty percent (50%) down-payment whichever is collected, to the On-Site Travel Partner as a consequence deducted all related fees and charges occurred for the said same day, advance and/or bulk reservation.


If the Guest wishes to re-book a paid reservation, re-booking is depending on the On-Site Travel Partner policy that the Guest agreed to at the time of their reservation.

In the event, that the On-Site Travel Partner allows the Guest to re-book their reservation, it will always be dependable to the On-Site Travel Partner’s “AVAILABILITY” status, if the Guest re-booking request is still possible, if not other “DATES” from the same On-Site Travel Partner will be offered and may be subjected for additional charges.

What is Spasify Travel's Sales Commission?

Spasify Travel Sales commission is per booking transaction, once you sign up for your business property, our competitive commission rate is listed under the “AGREEMENT” section. It is comparable to other booking engines and other OTA’s that normally charges between 12% - 49%, depending on the business property type, participation and location being listed to them.

Do you ask for Room Allocation like any other Booking Engines or OTA’s?

That is the difference, we understand and feel the hardship to keep up and manage multiple inventory system from different OTA's, that is why we do not ask for any room allocations and, we will just personally call you to confirm availability.

Do you have a Dashboard for your On-Site Travel Partners?

Yes! We call it On-Site Travel Partner Dashboard (Extranet) dedicated for our On-Site Travel Partners and, it can be access using your nominated GMAIL email address dedicated for your business upon sign-up.

What is Spasify Travel (OTP) On-Site Travel Partner Dashboard (Extranet)?

Spasify Travel (OTP) On-Site Travel Partner Dashboard (Extranet) enables our On-Site Travel Partner to update its business property details, room details, amenities current published or promotional rates and other related information.

Why do I need to have a GMAIL Email Address?

Each On-Site Travel Partner is required to register and to have a GMAIL Address that can be used to all Spasify Travel related transactions and notifications, specifically when accessing your (OTP) On-Site Travel Partner Dashboard.

I’m interested! How to Sign-up my Business Property?

We’re glad that you are interested, kindly visit this link https://www.spasify.com/pages/become-a-travel-partner to sign up for your business property. Once you’ve signed-up for your business property, we will then evaluate it to ensure that all information is correct.

***Don’t worry if you haven’t heard from us, we are just still evaluating your application and we will get in touch with you soon.

When will my Business Property becomes live and ready for bookings?

Once your business property becomes live and ready for bookings, your Account Manager will send you an email containing details on how to Preview your business property.

How can I update my Published business details?

For Room related details just simply update it using your (OTP) On-Site Travel Partner Dashboard. For other business details update, our Support Team is available 24/7 to accommodate your concerns, just simply email us at travel@spasify.com