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Spasify for Business (On-Boarding)

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I. Spasify Marketplace for Accommodations, Hotels & Resorts

Spasify Marketplace: An E-Commerce Multi-Marketplace WebApp designed to help tourists to find the best travel deals nearby and, for Hotels, Resorts and other types of Accommodations to expand market reach, boost and improve their revenue stream by simply becoming Spasify Marketplace Merchant Partner. Learn more by visiting Spasify Marketplace Merchant Partner (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions.


II. Spasify Marketplace for Attractions, Rentals & Tours

Spasify Marketplace: An E-Commerce Multi-Marketplace WebApp designed to help tourists find the best travel deals nearby and, for Attractions, Rentals, Tours and other types of tourist activities to expand market reach, boost and improve their revenue stream by simply becoming Spasify Marketplace Merchant Partner. Learn more by visiting Spasify Marketplace Merchant Partner (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions.


III. Spasify Massage & Spa On-Demand Service Subscription

Spasify: Massage and Spa On-Demand is an on the clock location-based service model coming from an individual or group customers’ massage and spa requests, the company is headquartered in Subic Bay, Philippines. The service can be rendered in different specific key locations such as Home, Hotel, Office, Beach, Park, Mall, Restaurant, Coffee Shop and any other similar places. Having an appointment can be done easily by calling Spasify Hotline or by simply visiting our WebApp www.spasify.com then click the "Book Now" button. 


IV. Spasify Online Store (Marketplace) for Online Sellers

Spasify Online Store: An E-Commerce Marketplace WebApp Platform for both Buyers and Sellers specifically for Health, Beauty and Wellness related products. Start by simply Signing Up an Account for Free, setup your store in minutes then upload your products and start fulfilling orders.

V. Spasify Massage & Spa Franchising Business